San Mateo County
Central Labor Council

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Objectives and Principles

  • To protect and strengthen our democratic institutions.  To secure full recognition and enjoyment of the rights and liberties to which we are justly entitled and to preserve the cherished traditions of our democracy.
  • To encourage all workers regardless of race, creed, color, age, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, disability or ancestry to share equally in the full benefits of union organization and to promulgate the principles enunciated by the AFL-CIO that the concern of one is the concern of all and to uphold the Constitution of the AFL-CIO
  • To aid and encourage the sale and use of union made goods and services through the use of the Union Label and other symbols; to promote the labor press and other means of furthering the educations of the labor movement.
  • To encourage workers to register and vote, to exercise their full rights and responsibilities of citizenship, and to secure legislation which will safeguard and promote the principle of free collective bargaining, the rights of workers, consumers, and the security and welfare of all the people and to oppose legislation inimical to these objectives.
  • To aid and assist affiliated unions in extending the benefits of mutual assistance, to promote the organization of the unorganized into unions of their choosing for their mutual aid, and to aid workers in securing improved wages, hours, working conditions and safe work environments with due regard to the autonomy, integrity and jurisdiction of affiliated unions.